Parution d'un livre sur la guerre éclair d'août 2008 en Géorgie

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The Guns of August 2008: Russia’s War in Georgia edited by Svante E. Cornell & S. Frederick Starr
Central Asia-Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Program Joint Center, Washington, DC/Stockholm
In the summer of 2008, a conflict that appeared to have begun in the breakaway Georgian territory of South Ossetia
rapidly escalated to become the most significant crisis in European security in a decade. The implications of the
Russian-Georgian war will be understood differently depending on one’s narrative of what transpired and perspective on the broader context.
This book is designed to present the facts about the events of August 2008 along with comprehensive coverage of the background to those events. It brings together a wealth of expertise on the South Caucasus and Russian foreign policy, with contributions by Russian, Georgian, European, and American experts on the region.
Selected Contents:
1. Introduction, Svante E. Cornell and S. Frederick Starr
2. The Paradox of Living in Paradise: Georgia’s Descent into Chaos, Thomas Goltz
3. Georgian-Russian Relations in the 1990s, Thornike Gordadze
4. The Russian Leadership’s Preparation for War, 1999-2008, Andrei Illarionov
5. Georgia’s Rose Revolution: The Break with the Past, Niklas Nilsson
6. From Neglect to Duress: The West and the Georgian Crisis Before the 2008 War, Stephen Blank
7. The Saakashvili Administration’s Reaction to Russian Policies Before the 2008 War, David Smith
8. From Sukhumi to Tskhinvali: The Path to War in Georgia, Johanna Popjanevski
9. After August 7: The Escalation of the Russia-Georgia War, Pavel Felgenhauer
10. Defining Victory and Defeat: The Information War Between Russia and Georgia, Paul Goble
11. The External Implications of the Russia-Georgia War, James Sherr

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